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Laser Stuff

Laser Warning

If you experiment or use lasers please be careful and use proper eye protection.

The laser sub menu is on the left.

This is just a hobby of mine and all use is done in a private residence.

I have been getting  a lot of questions regarding my laser projector on youtube. I will start posting hopefully helpful info from my experimenting over the years. I think I got interested in lasers after seeing Star Wars when I was a kid. I started to experiment with HeNE lasers and spinning mirrors to create moving patterns  around 1985 (8th grade). After going to my first real Rock concert back in the 80's (it was Rush's Power Windows tour)  their Lasers just amazed me and that's when I saw laser animations for the first time. Animations text and graphics fascinated me.  I started to experiment  and eventually after years of trial and error and saving up to buy each part (This was an expensive Hobby) built my first real projector which was completed in 1996. This has just been a hobby and sometimes an obsession, I have shared my ideas, designs, and some animation files openly over the years for others to use and to advance the laser arts.  I see it as an art form much like painting or my music It's just another way I have to express myself "painting with light

Useful Links

How a Laser Works (Arieli)

Sam's Laser FAQ

Laser Manufactures

Laser Show Parts

US Laser Compliance (website with information on United states regulations they also offer a compliance service)

Safety and US Government regulation info


FDA Title 21

FDA Variance FAQ

Variance Application for Laser Products used for Light Shows and Displays

Laser Notice 51 - Responsibilities of Laser Light Show Projector Manufacturers, Dealers, and Distributors (Final Guidance for Industry and FDA)

Laser Light Show Safety: Who's Responsible?


FAA Form






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