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Welcome! This is a personal Portal of  some of my current and old archived websites.


Newer Stuff

The stuff I might be working on currentlly or at least the stuff that is newer than my old stuf.  

  • Earthworks.Site
    Research of Native American Earthworks using Modern technologies.
  • Cincinnati Civil War Battery Map1  Map 2
    1861 Civil war Batteries that defended Cincinnati from Confederate attacks. I found an old Map from the 1800s with locations and layed them out in GIS.

Old Stuff

From the archives some links or functions may not work within these backed up sites. 


    Old website from the Internet wayback Machine. Started it in 1993 but wayback picks it up around 2003.   

    Via wayback machine the next version of the site this time using Joomla.         

     Via the wayback machine. Created around 2013 as a 20 year update. It takes several minutes to load the photos used Drupal.